So you want to know what we’re about. Ok then, here’s the deal…

I had a career in the green industry doing landscape design for over 15 years.  By 2009, I had found my UNEMPLOYMENT SPoT.  It was okay, I was burned out and desperately seeking a change.  But what was I going to do? Start a new business?  (did that…twice).  I was ready for something new.  So what did I do?… I got a 10-week-old dalmatian puppy.  Go figure…

Her name is Sydney Annwyl McIlroy of Lazy Grace, she’s over six years old now, and she is my muse and my inspiration for SPoT oN be your own spot®.  All the designs are modeled after some moment she was “caught” in.  You can always catch up with Sydney and her latest shenanigans on her facebook page here.  Once you see it, you’ll understand my easy inspiration.

Sydney Annwyl

With Sydney, it seemed to come naturally to combine two of my favorite things, my love for my animals and my passion for drawing.  FISHIN’ SPoT started it (yes, I fish!) and the rest, it just happened.  I thought about the possibilities and all the SPoTs fell into place.  I came up with 5 SPoTs, then 10, 20, 30 SPoTs, and it wasn’t going to SToP!  I was drawing all the time and before I knew it, everyone I knew was throwing me THEIR SPoT.  It was then that I knew I had something worth sharing and the opportunity to make a DIFFERENCE.

So here we are. SHARING and ENCoURAGING something we believe in…being YoURSELF and that no matter – one SPoT, two SPoTs or 66 SPoTs…everybody’s got a SPoT.

We found oUR SPoT, now go find YoURS,


SPoT oN be your own spot® mission is to offer outerwear that encourages individuality while contributing to our community.  Everyone is different.  Everyone has a place in our world.  Our products encourage embracing who YoU are.


SPoT oN be your own spot® vision is to be a casual clothing line produced under our own label and manufactured in the USA that provides a source of inspiration to adults and children alike, as a way for them to express their individuality.  Our goal is to give back to the community by contributing to a variety of causes that help children become self assured and comfortable being who they are, and of course, finding their SPoT.


Sydney Annwyl, Top SPoT

Alicia Taylor, CCS Chief Creative SPoT

Liz & Maya, CFS Chief Financial SPoTs

Gabi, Social SPoT

t-shirts that ENCoURAGE individuality

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